Love In The Time of Corona

Hi to all our lovely couples, and to-be's, By now, we all know that Corona has been tough. Especially for all the couples, here in Miami, all across the states and overseas but it doesn't have to be. I mean, of course, corona has made weddings super hard to invite all of our 300 friends and family. 

But corona, hasn't stopped the love between you two. It's actually made it stronger. Now you have even more time for all of those details! Or, even more time in that fianceeeee stage, because we know you love it! This is going to be something you can look back on and be like, Oh man do you remember when COVID-19 happened? Oh she didn't stop us!  Instead, she ignited something beautiful. There are so many beautiful things you can still plan despite the fact of social distancing.  It might not be your first thought when you think of your wedding, but there's a whole world of options.  You can have the most romantic elopement, just you two, to remember your special moment. (P.S. we can help you plan that anywhere, near or far) Destination wedding? Those are extremely fun, and can be with just immediate family! Think Miami Beach or Sedona, Arizona? Something tropical? Like Tulum, Mexico or Cabo or wait for it . . . how about Greece! Honestly, whatever you want, you deserve. I know, i know, but what about all the family and friends you wanted there? Well they can be, you can either host an amazing party later on. Or host a wedding but social distancing style! The great thing is that the wedding industry is evolving to still grant you your special day! You can have sanitization stations, and come on, blinged out masks? Or mask that are custom to memorize your special day. Honestly nothing can stop you from marrying your life, so especially COVID, it wont. COVID definitely isn't cancelling anything, if anything postponing and creating something bigger. One of the main things about your dream wedding is that it's your special day, you get to finally say I do!  So, what's stopping you? Let's plan your ELOPEMENT or intimate wedding now!

xo, Joslynn